What is a Master Distributor Site?

A Master Distributor is a distributor or reseller of assessments that has their own Master Distributor Site (MDS). A MDS is web-based platform that features your company name and logo using our powerful, yet simple, dashboard which integrates into your own website. This ensures personal and professional branding for your existing business while simultaneously leveraging our assessment catalogue and technical support.


A MDS means managing your own, self-branded online “white label” assessment website without having to make the significant investments associated with developing the online assessment technology and site infrastructure. We will work with you to make sure that your MDS incorporates your business' logos, colors, links and layout.


Every MDS is a turnkey, automated, revenue-generating assessment site designed to enhance your assessment services and maximize profits with minimal additional effort on your part. Tell us your assessment needs by completing the short questionnaire on the Contact Us page and we will get back to you with a demo of our system platform!

The Two Types of Master Distributor Sites

1. The first type of MDS is setup to provide our clients access to the Assessments 24x7 catalogue.

2. The second type of MDS incorporates our clients' preexisting assessments or custom built assessments-- in addition to the Assessments 24x7 catalogue.

  • Learn more about incorporating custom assessments


    Our Assessments 24x7 team has over 19 years experience creating online assessment sites. Whether you want to incorporate your preexisting assessments or leverage our expertise to design and incorporate a new assessment, we can manage all the details for you!

    If incorporating a 360º assessment, we’ll need the names of the observer groups (these are the people who give assessment feedback to the end users, such as manager, colleague, direct report, client, etc).

    If creating customized assessments, we’ll need:

    • The competencies being measured— such as decision-making, persuasiveness, drive, persistence, etc.
    • The questions per competency— typically 5-8 questions per competency.
    • The scales used to measure the competency on any given question— such as strongly agree to strongly disagree, always to never, etc.  Or the mathematical algorithm to compute the answers.
    • Whether or not you want open-ended feedback questions for the observers to add additional comments after every competency or at the end of the entire questionnaire.
    • Is the end user report structure Static or Dynamic?  
    • Will the report be delivered in html format right after the end user submits answers to the questionnaire?
    • Will the report be emailed in PDF format to the end user?
    • Will the end user have to log into a website to access their report? 
    • Do you want to use demographic questions within your assessment? This can allow you to further analyze the data to use in presentation slides, articles, media interviews, etc.  It lends greater credibility to your assessment results.

Who Would Benefit From a MDS?

  • Corporate and independent trainers, business managers or coaches who use more than 250 assessments per year.
  • Companies, trainers or consultants who have their own assessment in a paper-based format but would like to automate it into a fully automated e-commerce enabled assessment system.
  • Companies, trainers or consultants that already have and market an online assessment but want to use the power and simplicity of the A24x7 fully automated e-commerce enabled assessment system. Ken Blanchard Companies is a great example as they have several of their assessments consolidated onto the A24X7 assessment platform. An example would be their Leadership Behavioral Analysis II online assessment.
  • Companies, trainers or consultants that currently distribute assessments from one of our A24x7 competitors but want a more powerful, yet simple-to-use, fully automated e-commerce enabled assessment system with better reports at a lower cost per assessment. A great success story here is Bonnie Burn and her DISC Certification Program (live or online) who used to distribute the DISC assessment through an A24x7 competitor but now uses our DISC online assessment because of its ease-of-use, its better pricing and its superior reports.
  • Authors who would like to have an online assessment to complement their book, generate sales for their book, or create an additional "up-sell" product for people who buy their book. For their new book - The One Minute Entrepreneur - Dr. Ken Blanchard, Don Hutson and Ethan Willis asked A24x7 to create an online Entrepreneur Assessment to sell more books.
  • Companies, trainers or consultants who want to use an online assessment to measure training effectiveness - a pre- and post-test - to show improvement and keep employees and/or clients motivated to continually improve their skills, in areas such as leadership, sales, customer service, emotional intelligence, time management, communication skills, etc.
  • Companies, trainers or consultants who want to use an online assessment to capture leads to add to their database to hopefully cross-sell additional products and services over time. 

What are the Greatest Benefits of a MDS?

  • A MDS allows it’s owners to create their own retail prices for the assessments they sell.
  • Charge end users, companies and even other resellers through your own merchant credit card account.
  • Have your own branding (look/ feel/ copy)
  • Pay our lowest prices per assessment and maximize your ROI.
  • If you sell 250 or more individual assessments per year to end users, companies or other resellers, the MDS is cost effective- even with the one-time programming cost- because of the lower costs per assessment purchased.

What is the Cost of a Master Distributor Site?

A24x7 builds most standard Master Distributor Sites in less than thirty days for an initial one-time programming cost of $1,800. You will have access to any/ all of our assessments. We will bill you the 1st of each month for all the assessments used the previous month through your credit card that we program into your account.

If we program and private label your custom assessment, the one time programming fee can vary greatly depending on your questionnaire, the scoring algorithm, whether it is a multi-rater assessment and the complexity and formatting of the assessment report - ballpark quote for most customized assessments is $10,000 one-time programming cost.

In Summary, your MDS:

  • Has a powerful dashboard that makes management of your assessment easy, with numerous automated functions such as our email engine, e-commerce enabled customer credit card purchasing, customization ability of the site and reports, etc.
  • Allows fully secure automated credit card transactions. (You need to purchase a separate SSL certificate for about $100/year)
  • Has full-time technical support (700am- 600pm Pacific Time) to handle end user questions or problems.
  • Provides you the ability to set up Consultant Admin Accounts for corporate, association or reseller (quantity purchase) customers.
  • Uses several back-up servers to secure the integrity of your data. 

Still undecided? Consultant Admin Account (CAA) vs. Master Distributor Site (MDS)?

Site branding - Allows you to add a design header and footer to the web page to match your company design. yes yes
Report branding and customization - Allows you to customize the report output for any assessment. This would include logos, text edits or overall formatting at an extra charge. yes yes
Sub-accounts - Allows you to grant access to the assessments to individual companies, trainers or coaches yes yes
Assessment Links - Allows you to create links which give access to your assessments yes yes
Support - Allows you to determine if you want to use our online support resources or put your email address in as the first help desk responder. yes yes
Secure SSL Capabilities - Allows you to run your assessments via https or http environments. If https security is desired, this can be available at an extra charge of approx. $99.00 per year. yes yes
Usage Reports - Allows you to create usage reports via the web screens or downloaded to excel. These reports will show totals and individual assessment usage over any given date-range search. yes yes
Viewing data - Allows you to view all the end user data and reports taken via your assessment links. yes yes
Group and team reporting - Allows you to run composite reports based on groups or assessment access links. These reports include all selected end users and combine them into one report. The ability to customize these reports is also available at an extra charge. yes yes
Adding Your Custom Assessment - Adding your custom assessment to our system is available for either Account or PLS level access at an extra charge. We would schedule a phone conversation with you to discuss the details of your assessment. You can then use your assessment along with ones already available on our system. yes yes
Sub-Account Customization - Allows your clients, companies or trainers to customize the site design and report output. In our Account environment your branding carries down to sub-accounts. In a PLS, your clients can be set up as multiple Accounts and/or sub-accounts. Those accounts can have customization at an extra charge. no yes
Credit card processing - Allows you to use your own credit card merchant account and gateway system to collect credit card transactions and sell assessments to any companies or trainers via your PLS website. This feature is designed for you to set up accounts via a PLS and allow those accounts to purchase assessments directly from your PLS website. In the Account environment, sub-accounts use assessments from your own account totals. You would then be responsible for billing your sub-accounts outside our system. no yes
Multiple Accounts - The ability to set up multiple Accounts for a variety of companies or trainers. These accounts can then set up sub-accounts for an additional level of access. Keep in mind that an Account can set up sub-accounts with specific access. If you need a three levels of access, this is only available via the PLS. no yes
Custom domain name - Allows you to use a custom domain name for the website at an extra charge of $20.00 per year. Accounts are part of an existing assessment website. A PLS is a completely separate website which runs off a custom domain name. no yes
Discounted Assessment Pricing - Receive “Gold” level pricing: 25-33% less than our “Bronze” pay-as-you-go pricing!  Gold level pricing otherwise requires bulk assessment purchases (100+) to receive its 25-33% savings. Automatically receive these discounted prices— while still enjoying our pay-as-you-go flexibility! no yes

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